Jason Weber Argues Brady Issue Before Oregon Court of Appeals

On September 8, 2014, Jason Weber argued before the Oregon Court of Appeals that Oregon’s Post-Conviction Hearing Act allows a petitioner to raise an untimely claim based on the discovery of exculpatory Brady evidence that had not been previously disclosed to the petitioner. This case presents an important issue for people who may actually be innocent of a crime but who are unable to establish their innocence during a criminal trial or in their first post-conviction case because the government has failed to disclose exculpatory evidence.

O’Connor Weber LLP thanks [Janis Puracal](http://www.oregoninnocence.org/co-founders/ “Janis Puracal”), the co-founder of the [Oregon Innocence Project](http://www.oregoninnocence.org/ “Oregon Innocence Project”), for taking the time to help Jason prepare for oral argument in this case. The Court of Appeals will likely issue a decision in the case sometime during the next year.

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