Access to Capital

At O’Connor Weber we can help you and your business legally access capital. During these difficult economic times it is hard for investors to find opportunities that provide a reasonable return on their investment for the risk involved. At the same time, traditional lenders like banks and credit unions have made it difficult for small businesses to access capital. In order for our economy to grow, investors must be able to find good businesses to invest in. At O’Connor Weber we hope to help facilitate that growth locally, by bringing investos and small businesses together.

While working as a regulator for the State of Oregon, Jason Weber saw many people who sought out capital without complying with securities laws and, as a result, faced civil or criminal sanctions. O’Connor Weber can help you to register a securities offering with the State of Oregon or provide you with advice on how you may be able to rely upon one of the exemptions to securities registration. Either way, we can help your business access capital so that it can grow to its fullest potential without running afoul of regulatory bodies.

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