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The lawyers at O’Connor Weber can help protect you and your business in criminal or regulatory matters. They have litigated hundreds of criminal and administrative cases, from the initial investigation through successful appeals to the Oregon Supreme Court. They can advise you or your business on compliance with state and federal regulations so that you can avoid problems before they arise. In the unfortunate event that the state or federal government begins an administrative or criminal investigation, O’Connor Weber will work intelligently and tirelessly to minimize your exposure.

Value for Clients

Our practice focuses on preventing problems before they arise saving you time and money in the long run. We also offer billing options customized to suit your specific needs. Our focus on cost-effective and practical solutions equals value for our clients.

Long-Term Relationships

We are committed to building lasting relationships that help our clients achieve their personal and professional goals. We believe that this is the best way to provide true legal counsel because it allows us to understand the unique issues that you face. Our goal is to help you prepare for uncertainty and protect you if problems do arise; so that you can focus on your business and your life.

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Latest News

Lindsey Burrows Returns to O'Connor Weber.

Lindsey Burrows returns to O’Connor Weber after serving as Deputy General Counsel to Governor Tina Kotek.

Cellblocks to Mountaintops: Podcast Featuring Client Premieres

Cellblocks to Mountaintops is a series that shares the story of our former client, Sterling Cunio, and his remarkable journey from a 16-year-old convicted of two counts of aggravated murder in 1994 to a rehabilitated man whose intelligence, compassion, and art help so many.

Former O'Connor Weber Client Exonerated

Former O’Connor Weber client Jesse Johnson was exonerated after serving 25 years in prison. Jed Peterson and Ryan O’Connor reversed Jesse’s case in the Oregon Court of Appeals in 2021.