Former O'Connor Weber Client Exonerated

Ryan O'Connor and Mr. JohnsonOn the evening of September 5, 2023, O'Connor Weber's former client Jesse Johnson was released from custody after wrongfully serving 25 years for a crime he did not commit, 20 of those years were served on death row. O'Connor Weber attorneys Ryan O'Connor and Jed Peterson represented Jesse on appeal, which resulted in the reversal of Jesse's murder conviction and death sentence in 2021. Thanks to the hard work of trial attorneys Richard Wolf and Lynne Morgan, Marion county prosecutors dismissed his case this week. Ryan got to meet Jesse and other legal team members for Jesse's first meal as a free man in 25 years, pictured here.

After 25 years in prison, Jesse has no financial resources. James Comstock, one of the investigators who played a key role in exonerating Jesse, has set up a Go Fund Me to help pay for Jesse's living expenses during his transition to life as a free man. Please donate if you can.

Read more about Jesse's case at OPB

Additionally, there is an article about our reversal in Mr. Jonson's case.

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