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Many cases do not end with a trial court judgment or a regulatory agency order. A dissatisfied party may challenge the judgment or order in an appellate court. Appeals can result in the reversal… continue reading about appellate.

Criminal Defense

The lawyers at O’Connor Weber LLC are experts in criminal law. They can help you fight criminal charges at every stage in the judicial system. Jason Weber and Ryan O’Connor have extensive experience litigating cases… continue reading about criminal defense.

Professional License Defense

Most professions are regulated by a state or federal law, including licensing boards. The lawyers at O’Connor Weber are experienced in representing professionals like doctors, nurses, dentists, and accountants, when a professional is under investigation for a potential violation of the licensing rules.

Internal Investigations

As the old saying goes, the best defense is a great offense. A business can defend itself against employee fraud and misconduct by conducting an internal investigation that could uncover misuse of company funds by an employee or determine if there have been any violations of law… continue reading about internal investigations.

Regulatory Compliance

It is a fact of modern life that nearly every human activity is regulated by the government in one form or another. The vast majority of this regulation is overseen by administrative agencies with broad… continue reading about regulatory compliance.

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