Collateral Remedies

The lawyers at O’Connor Weber LLP are experts in criminal law. They can help you fight criminal charges at every stage in the judicial system. Jason Weber and Ryan O’Connor have extensive experience litigating cases from the initial criminal investigation through an appeal to the Oregon Supreme Court. Their collective experience helps protect their client’s interests at trial and preserves their interests through the appeal.

Jason Weber has litigated hundreds of criminal trials. As a prosecutor, he investigated crimes and built cases against people for crimes ranging from driving under the influence of intoxicants to murder and white collar crimes like securities fraud and racketeering. Now, as a defense attorney, Jason Weber’s extensive experience as a prosecutor can aid the clients of O’Connor Weber by providing insight into the police investigation and the prosecution’s case.

Ryan O’Connor has litigated hundreds of criminal appeals. As a state public defender, he has filed hundreds of briefs in the Oregon Court of Appeals and has litigated six Oregon Supreme Court cases. Ryan’s expereince as an appellate attorney can help O’Connor Weber’s clients sucessfully resolve their cases prior to trial through identifying legal issues and writing persuasive motions in the trial court. In the unfortunate event that you or a loved one has been convicted of a crime, Ryan can help you challenge your conviction either on direct appeal or through the the post-conviction process. View samples of Mr. OConnor’s cases here.

O’Connor Weber LLP understands how frightening it can be to face a criminal investigation. The government has many resources and even the threat of criminal charges can seriously disrupt a person’s life. If you or someone you care about might be the subject of a criminal investigation, contact a lawyer immediately. The early stages of a criminal investigation are often the most important and retaining an experienced criminal defense attorney early could mean the difference between a maintaining one’s liberty or facing significant prison time.

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