The O'Connor Weber Difference

At O’Connor Weber our goal is to provide valuable, comprehensive legal advice to our clients. That goal is the reason we offer billing options customized to fit individual needs. It is why we strive to anticipate and prevent legal problems before they arise. We know that by always putting our clients’ interest first, we will build long-lasting relationships founded on trust. We want to help our clients focus on their personal and professional goals because they know that we are protecting their interests.

Complete Litigation Experience

Our litigation experience is the foundation of our practice. We are a team with over 12 years of experience at the trial and appellate level both prosecuting and defending cases. We have litigated a wide variety of cases from basic regulatory matters to the most complex and serious of criminal matters, including racketeering, securities fraud, and capital murder. Our litigation experience benefits all of our clients by ensuring that they are protected whether they need representation at an administrative hearing or on appeal.

Comprehensive Representation

Our comprehensive practice helps us meet our clients’ needs every step of the way, from the time the legislature drafts a bill through an appeal. Our experience before the Oregon legislature and with administrative rule making can benefit our clients because we are better able to understand, interpret, and apply the law. Our experience both prosecuting and defending cases can help us anticipate and understand the government’s decision-making so that our clients can make informed decisions. Our litigation experience completes our comprehensive representation helping or clients be prepared if litigation arises.

Valuable Billing Options

We are able to provide retained clients with advice on how to prevent problems before they arise, saving resources over the long run. Our billing options can allow clients to tailor our services to meet their unique needs. Together, our comprehensive experience and unique billing options can provide significant value.

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